Produce your own honey in Toronto

Install a hive on your rooftop, on your balcony or in your backyard and learn about beekeeping with the help of the Alvéole team.

Whether it’s to get practical beekeeping experience, to pollinate your neighbourhood or to produce honey as a family, there are countless reasons why hosting can be beneficial – and even fun!

Getting a Hive is Easy!

1. Installation

We’ll help to make sure you have the ideal spot to keep both you, and your bees, happy! Once we install your hive, the bees will be ready to start polinating the flowers in your neighborhood.

2. Check-ups

Regular check-ups are important to make sure your bees are happy, healthy and productive. Our New-Bee package ensures that you’ll have one of our experienced beekeepers guiding you at every step of the way.

3. Extraction

In the fall, it’s time to harvest your honey! We’ll take care of the extraction at our honey house, and it will be ready for your Alvéole beekeeper to deliver at their next visit.

Our packages include simple setup and ongoing personalized service to guarantee the well-being of you and your bees.

It’s easy you simply pay a one-time setup fee of $585 and then a monthly service fee of $150 per month for just 6 months a year.

Service Includes:

  • Annual maintenance of your hive
  • Three or more visits per year
  • One-on-one learning with our experts
  • Honey house visits during honey extraction
  • Harvest and extraction of your very own batch of honey. Yours to keep!

Setup Includes:

  • Your very own bees
  • 2 Bee Boxes complete with 20 frames
  • Bee box base, slatted rack, inner cover, outer cover, hive stand, entrance reducer
  • Summer Kit (1 bee box, 10 frames, queen excluder, bee brush, escape board)
  • Autumn Kit (mite treatment, feeder, 10kg sugar, Honey-B-Healthy, insulation)
  • Everything you need to have a happy healthy hive

Frequently Asked Questions

How much honey will my hive produce?

Most hives here in the city will produce an average of about 10 kilos of honey, which is about 100 small jars. Depending on the type of season we have, your hive could produce a little less or even more.

Should I be worried about bee stings?

It’s true that honeybees can sting, but the reality is they’re naturally docile and will only sting when they feel threatened. Unlike pesky wasps and hornets, honeybees have good manners, and won’t invite themselves to your backyard picnic. Honey bees are only attracted to flowers, and often forage up to 5km away from the hive. Of course, our beekeepers ensure that our installations are safe and enjoyable for all members of your family.

Should I tell my neighbours about the hive?

We definitely recommend speaking to your neighbours about the hive so that they better understand the process, as well as the many advantages of backyard beekeeping. Once properly installed, a hive is quite discreet and won’t affect the way you, or your neighbours, enjoy your backyard space.

How much does it cost to get my own hive?

It’s simple you pay a one-time setup fee of $585 which gives you everything you need to get setup including your own bees and boxes etc. Then, you simply pay for our team of professional beekeepers to come out and help manage your hive and teach you everything you want to know about keeping bees. You can be as hands on or as hands off as you want. The cost for our service program is $150 per month, and you only pay for 6 months a year. Plus, if you’re already setup then you only pay for the service program in subsequent years. Get in touch with us to get started. 

Bring bees to your home or business
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